We're Tickd.
And we're here to bring you simply smarter business energy.

Time headache

You're busy. We get it.

You're trying to run a business! As small business owners, we've all been there. The hours it typically takes to search for suitable energy suppliers for your offices, to compare different quotes, to then have to make a few long-winded phone calls - so you can eventually get set up as a new customer.
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We're on a mission to provide a simple, effective and surprisingly smooth digital experience that makes life infinitely easier for small business owners to sort their energy needs all in one place.

We're blending our tried-and-trusted expertise with innovative technology and a disruptive mindset to change the way small businesses interact with the energy market for good.

We know it's time to:

  • Be transparent
  • Be open & fair
  • Put the customer first
  • Shake up the market


It's time to deliver business energy in a simply smarter, better way to give you more time to focus on what matters - your business!

  • How it works

    With Tickd, you can get a quote, select your supplier and tariff, sign up all in one place, have access 24/7 to your account, chat online for any of your ongoing needs and get reminders and recommendations for renewal.

    The steps are simple, you will be asked to:
  • Enter a few personal details to get your quote
  • Select your supplier and tariff
  • Enter your details to get signed up
  • You will be Tickd. Switched. Done.
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boiling kettle

So why not put the kettle on and get a quote today before the kettle's even boiled.

Remember to have on hand your registered company number and usage and your bank details. Simple. Sorted. :)

What Tickd stands for

We're a digital disrupter, set on transforming energy switching and account services for small businesses.
We're ethical and transparent in the way we run our business - using innovative technology to shake up archaic business practices and drive real change in the energy market.
We embrace trust and openness to design a process that "just works", in a refreshingly simple, effortless and reliable way.
We walk in your shoes, and bring a small business mentality to the task of delivering a smooth and easy experience when it comes to sorting those 'boring but necessary' business admin tasks.
We value simplicity, efficiency, seamless service - and great customer testimonials.
We're all about ongoing customer service that makes life infinitely easier for you - we're not just a one-off introducer, who then passes you on and makes you jump through additional hoops.

In short, Tickd delivers a simple, straight-talking service - to help you get **it done.