A Guide to Software For Energy Suppliers.

What Is Energy Supplier Software?

Energy Supplier Software is software designed to help suppliers take a more digital approach to their business and become more streamlined, efficient operations, removing the need for many of the time-consuming daily tasks that take up time, manpower and most of all, money. It allows businesses to automate and digitize areas such as your billing, customer management and data processing to become more efficient, successful, and profitable.

The Importance of Energy Supplier Management Software

As the world shifts to a digital age, efficiency is everything. Companies that aren’t using technology to improve their business are finding themselves increasingly left behind. Being able to offer a modern approach to the customer experience is essential to retaining customers long term, and converting new business, even whilst the landscape shifts and evolves.


The energy industry can be incredibly up and down due to things such as sudden weather changes and world events and even politics. By taking a modern approach to business, suppliers give themselves the freedom to stay resilient in the face of change and volatility whilst continuing to grow.

Key Features Of Our Energy Supplier Software

Tailored Excellence

In the digital age, customers are becoming increasingly focused on efficiency. Websites that take forever to load, redirect to outside parties, or simply just look unprofessional mean people can lose interest (and trust) in seconds. By tailoring our platform to match your brand, colour, and vibe, it fits seamlessly into your website, allowing you to look professional, and ensuring potential customers continue to trust your brand.

Elevate with Exceptional Customer Experiences

Following on from our previous point, time is of the essence when it comes to a successful customer experience. No-one wants to spend an afternoon trying to decipher how to switch providers or contact their energy supplier. Our platform allows customers to get exactly what they need in seconds, meaning there’s more time to do what’s important. This improves customer experience, reflecting positively on your brand.

Unwind with Seamless Time Management

A more efficient business is a more successful business. Removing frustrating, time eating admin tasks such as spreadsheets, running reports and hunting for files stored in a million different places across a million different platforms means your team become more efficient, less bogged down and most importantly, more focused on the things that are important.

Realising the Benefits Of Energy Supplier Software

Scalability for Future Business Expansion


To the surprise of almost no-one, the future is digital, and there’s no denying it. By transitioning to a more future friendly way of working, you’re ensuring your business stays at the bleeding edge no matter which way the landscape shifts. As your business scales, you no longer need to worry about managing your ever-growing customer base. You also don’t need to get caught up in panic hiring more staff as you grow, as the day-to-day tasks like data entry, report running and invoicing are all dealt with by smart software, meaning you can reduce costs, increase profits and overall, focus on growth.


User-Friendly Interfaces


Brand image is important, and nothing can be more off putting than a website or platform that looks like a patchwork of different colours and fonts. By allowing full customisation of our platform, businesses are able to make it look exactly the way they want, rather than trying to shoe-horn an outside platform aesthetic into a carefully crafted and designed website. This allows for a much better customer experience

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Tickd is an accidental software company. We were originally built to help small businesses switch their energy in a modern, seamless way. Our goal is to make energy switching a simple, hassle free process, removing the annoying hurdles most of us associate with changing providers.

We’ve facilitated thousands of switches since we started in 2020, and we aim to make even more over the coming years. Our tech focused approach to energy means it only takes 90 seconds to complete our customer on-boarding journey.

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