A Guide to Software For Energy Brokers.

What Is Energy Broker Software?

A specialised tool created specifically for experts in the energy brokerage sector, it allows brokers to manage their customer base, daily operations, contracts, and payment information in one central place. This means companies can streamline their workflow and improve not only their customer service, but their overall performance as a business meaning business customers can switch their provider in minutes.

The Importance of Energy Brokerage Management Software

Gone are the days of paper files, guesswork, and many of the typical trappings of the old days. Using management software is important in the modern age as it allows companies to streamline and condense the important parts of their day-to-day business rather than allowing themselves to get bogged down in it.


This allows brokers to save time, money and manpower and work with lower usage sites more efficiently and cost effectively. This then means areas that may previously have made a loss can instead be made profitable whilst providing the customer with better prices and an even better experience.

Key Features Of Our Energy Broker Software

Automation Capabilities for Streamlined Workflows

Human error happens, it’s a part of life. But by reducing the number of humans involved in tasks that can be instead completed by technology, you can greatly improve the workflow of your business, hugely reducing time and costs taken up by things like spreadsheets, admin tasks and reporting.

Customisation Options to Fit Your Brokerage Needs

Not all companies look the same, so why should your software? Our platform is totally customisable so you can bring your brand image, colours, and wording into the software to make it match your company. This allows you to make the platform your own and even add your own domain, making it blend seamlessly into your website or platform without feeling jarring for customers. This makes the process even smoother as customers don’t feel like they’re being sent back and forth to a 3rd party website.

Real-time Tracking and Reporting for Informed Decision-Making

Especially in the world of energy, the landscape can change rapidly, which can make giving your customers accurate quotes and information challenging. By using software that offers real time tracking, every decision is informed by accurate data and information that is crucial to the decision-making process.

Realising the Benefits Of Energy Broker Software

Impact on Business Growth and Client Satisfaction


There are over five million small businesses in the UK, and they’re often left behind when it comes to energy. A handful of a people in a family run café won’t have the same energy requirements as an office with 300 staff, meaning they may be refused or priced out by brokers who simply can’t warrant the costs associated with signing up new customers. By making it easier for customers in small businesses to switch, brokers are able to help more people in sectors they once may have avoided, resulting in more sign ups and a positive customer experience.


Enhanced Efficiency and Profitability


By switching to management software that allows your customers to switch in just 90 seconds, you’re removing the need for the usual hassles and expenses of admin teams and call centres. This means you’re able to reduce overheads and, unnecessary staff costs and even outsourcing expenses, allowing your company to improve not only their workflow, but also overall profits due to reduced outgoings.

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Tickd began with a mission to help small to medium enterprises switch their energy without all the conventional hurdles and issues that traditionally come with the change. No matter how big or small your business is, our Energy Broker Software helps you manage your energy needs. Tickd is the first fully digital switching and energy account service for small businesses, and well into our third year, we’ve been working with customers and businesses from all over the UK.

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