Q&A with NFU Energy

Tickd Managing Director, Richard Price spoke to Josh Robinson, Head of Contract Sales at NFU Energy about how Tickd’s platform supports their business. NFU Energy have been working with Tickd for over a year now.

Q/ What has using Tickd’s system done for NFU Energy?

A/ The Tickd system has been instrumental in our advisors having a live platform to check the status of meters and take away a lot of admin on our smaller supplies.  This has in turn freed up the team to spend more time providing good advice to our members.

Q/ What are the key benefits of Tickd?

A/ Small meters are advantageous due to the payment terms.  Less manual intervention and a smooth process that gives our members full clarity in the journey.

Q/ Has it changed any of NFU Energy’s processes?

A/ Yes, the online branded platform has seen taken pride of place on our website and email footers.  We no longer have to say we are closed on the weekend, instead advising we have an online presence available 24/7.  During harvesting and lambing seasons this has proven beneficial to a lot of our members.

Q/ What are Tickd like to work with?

A/ Tickd are on the ball and quick to answer any queries.  The recent system update is even better and as a team they are always available, a key requirement when we do need a hand or advice.

Q/ Do your customers like the Tickd process?

A/ Initially there was a few reservations as historically we did a lot of verbal agreements.  The ease of the switch has helped our members of all ages.  We have seen successes from internet savvy younger farmers as well as our elder members who have remarked of not being able to use the computer before getting a Docusign back to us within minutes.

Q/ Have you seen an increase in sales as a result of using Tickd?

A/ Yes we have, the fact that the NFU member can come to us at any stage of the journey means we are seeing more sales and better conversations, with more knowledgeable questions being posed.

Q/ Is your new sales process more efficient than the one you had previously?

A/ The simple fact we can sell on public holidays and through the recent Christmas period has helped with our efficiencies. At times our customer base can be difficult to get a hold of, Tickd gives us another beneficial tool in the process.

Q/ Is Tickd’s unique commission process beneficial to NFU?

A/ Indeed it is, we have members with electric fences and smaller boreholes and the unique commission process sees us being able to offer customers a really good price and still benefit financially for our work work.  The platform also allows us to remain transparent, a key part of our business principles.

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