Our team is growing - could it be you?

Having recently expanded our software engineering team with another new starter in June, we are now looking to hire a Sales Executive to help continue our growth.

Our software platform is on a mission to improve energy switching. For too long, business energy switching has been way too complicated with too much human intervention pre sale with energy brokers and way too much manual intervention and communication between suppliers and brokers. Our system solves this, we’ve automated the interaction between brokers and energy suppliers and built a ‘dummy proof’ system so that an end customer could self-serve their switch.

We believe we can become the biggest energy switching company in the UK with a fraction of the staff that others have, by simply using clever technology. We’re well on the way to achieving that but there’s a way to go.

Our next hire will be a sales executive that will help push our vision and disruptive technology to energy suppliers and energy brokers. Perhaps you’ve worked at an energy supplier or energy broker and want to solve the tedious problems that you come across on a day to day basis? Perhaps you just have a thirst for disrupting an industry in much need of disruption!? Get in touch today at

*we respect the role of recruiters and use them in other areas of our business but we’re keen to try and fill this role directly in the first instance.

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