Tickd - 4 years on from the original Tickd HQ

Whilst we’d had a number of whiteboard sessions and focus groups about the concept of Tickd earlier. Photos four years ago reminded us of when we really started to turn the concept of Tickd into a reality from a campervan in the Blue Mountains just outside Sydney. The concept and business has developed significantly since and looks very different to the vision we originally planned.

‘Stuck’ in a campervan during the first lockdown in April 2020, was when we really started doing the groundwork for Tickd. We held conversations (in the middle of the night) from the van with potential partners and branding agencies to help bring Tickd to life and help build a team to help bring the concept into reality.

6 months on from these photos the MVP of Tickd launched. We often refer to ourselves an accidental SaaS company, this is because the original vision was to serve business customers directly and help simplify the business energy switching process which was (and still is) way too complicated. The system has evolved since and is now a market leading energy software platform for energy brokers and energy suppliers.

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