Data is key to our software platform

Whilst our front end energy switching journey is optimised for User Experience, our back end portal focuses on processing data in an efficient, scalable and easy to understand way for our partners.

Energy brokers and energy suppliers can log into their portal to view all of the data and usage that runs through the switching journey. This means partners can follow up on people who haven’t completed their switch, or review their conversion rates to see what can be improved.

Partners can also view all completed contracts, check the live status of a switch, as well as opening up the DocuSign file for each specific contract.

This week, Tickd launched it’s new analytics dashboard, this allows partners to view their data in a nice presentable format. It has already prompted some really interesting conversations with partners and made people realise things about their data that they hadn’t previously noticed. Data is key to any software platform. It’s your data, use it help drive improvements!

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