Tickd extend partnership with Experian

Automating Business Energy: The Role of Credit Referencing

One of the key challenges we had to overcome to fully automate business energy processes at Tickd was credit referencing. Our energy software now pre-qualifies every quote based on suppliers’ risk preferences through an API integration with Experian. This means that if a customer doesn’t meet the credit criteria for a specific quote, it won’t be offered to them. In practical terms, different businesses receive different sets of quotes depending on their creditworthiness and business sector.

We have collaborated with Experian for four years, and we’re excited to announce a long-term contract that will consolidate and expand our partnership, supporting Tickd’s growth. Experian has been instrumental in our efforts to digitize small business energy switching. Previously, manual credit checking was a significant bottleneck, leading to many of the cumbersome processes in the business energy sector. By integrating Experian’s API, we have automated this process, ensuring that customers are only presented with quotes for which they qualify.

Experian partners with a majority of credible business energy suppliers in the market. It was crucial for us to collaborate with them to ensure that the credit scores we provide to energy suppliers are accepted. As part of our extended contract, we also gain access to Gen 6, which will enable us to use even more accurate data, leading to better decision-making.

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