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Over 2000 switches facilitated since our launch on 22nd September 2020!
Choose from over 30 different tariffs from our handpicked energy suppliers

We're not another 'inbetweener' comparison site.
We do things differently.

Tickd uses clever technology to provide a simple and effective digital service that makes life infinitely easier for you.

No fuss. No faff. No frustration. So you're free to focus on more important things...

Get your quote in a few simple steps...

  • Enter a few details to get your quote
  • Select your supplier and tariff
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  • You will be Tickd. Switched. Done.

Our Promise to you

Everything we do is designed to bring you simply smarter business energy.

  • More transparent (here’s how we make our money), more effective, faster, easier and with none of the usual hassle of you having to shop around for deals and deal with third parties. (You'll wish we'd thought of this idea years ago!)
  • Get this 'boring but necessary' task Tickd, and we'll take care of absolutely everything for you. All in one place, with one ongoing point of contact - and a refreshingly simple approach to great customer service.
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What makes us tick?

At Tickd, we value what you value:

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Digital disruption that delivers real change and better service.
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Ethical and transparent business practices…this is how much money we make.
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Trust and openness - for refreshingly simple reliability.
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A small business mentality - we walk in your shoes
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Simplicity and efficiency - the benefits of innovative technology.
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Great customer service that makes life easier for you.

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Our partners

These are the partners we currently use to bring you simply smarter business energy:

Good Energy
British Gas
Birmingham Chamber of Commerce
Scottish Power